Leucojum Aestivum flowering bulbs- quantity of 6

Verde Cosi

Leucojum Aestivum flowering bulbs- quantity of 6
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Circa 1594, this English native bulb are strong, hardy and long lasting. These prized deer and rodent proof heirlooms have umbels of pendant, bell-shaped milky-white flowers with faint green tips and strappy, grass-like foliage. This valuable naturalizer thrives in areas of dappled sunlight. moisture-tolerant, it performs well near ponds or streams (plant above the high water mark) May/June bloom time. Plant these bulbs 6" deep and 6" apart. Hardy zone 4-9. Bulb size 10cm and up. Height 12" to 15". Quantity of 6 lovely bulbs.

Plant your bulbs once the weather has turned consistently cool, after a killing frost or two, when the soil temperature is below 55 degrees F but well before the ground has frozen. In New England we have had just one frost and the soil is easily worked at this time. So plant a spring garden to look forward to! 

Leucojum Aestivum has been in my garden for years, the pendant shaped flowers with the tiny green tips are fascinating! A beautiful naturalizer.

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